You Say You Want To Be Free

You say you want to be free.

I say, free to WHAT?

Freedom by itself is like a precoital egg: worthless until fertilized with action.

To “be free” implies that you are free to DO SOMETHING.

“Free,” as an ongoing, suspended state, without the attendant action you seek the freedom TO DO, is mere impotence.

Most men think of freedom as a state in which no one tells you what to do.

Think of freedom instead as a state in which no one but YOU tells you what to do.

In other words, true freedom means you are free to pick your mission, without outside coercion or interference.

It does NOT mean you are free to pick no mission.

If you are “working to be free” but feel strangely uninspired and ambivalent, perhaps you are unconsciously repelled by your definition of freedom.

Maybe freedom has been, for you, an undefined, suspended state. And maybe that turns your higher self’s stomach.

How much faster and more boldly will you pry yourself from rule by others when the reward is not some vapid, workless state, but rather the luxury of choosing whatever mission you want and locking yourself to it, of your own free will and volition?

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