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  1. Joe Rivera says

    I’m done with life it’s hopeless at this point. This is not a way to get anything free I’m a hard working man and I earn whatever I have please don’t misunderstand me.

    • Jeremiah Riel says

      Hey Joe, there’s always hope. I don’t know what you believe, but my God and Savior Jesus Christ is all about giving people like you hope even when life is at its very worst and there seems to be no hope at all. I don’t know if you have kids or not, but God loves you and I SOOOOOOOOO much that He sent His only Son, Jesus Christ, to die for our sins so that we could be with God when we die. See our sins, or everything we do that’s wrong in God’s eyes separates us from Him. God sent His son as payment for our sins, so that whoever accepts this free gift through Jesus, can go to heaven after this short life we have here on earth. Pray to God and ask forgiveness for your sins. Ask Jesus to be a part of your life. Seek God and get plugged into a Bible-teaching church. God will turn your world upside-down, break your chains of addiction, and set you free, giving you so much hope, joy, and peace. Sorry not sorry for the long post. All glory to God my Father through Jesus Christ in whom I put all my hope. He comforts those who mourn, gives hope to the hopeless, is the Father to the fatherless, gives sight (literally and figuratively) to the blind, joy to those that are sad, peace to those with fear/anxiety, leads those who are lost, and restores those who are broken. Hmu if you read this and need help.

      • God is good……he is the Way the Truth and the Light. He is the rock that hold my foundation in place. 15 years of heroin addiction almost killed me. It destroyed everything I hold dear. Out if complete brokenness I found that all loving God welcomed me back home with open arms and its with that love that I cry out with tears of joy and gratuity………I’m definitely a work in progress.

  2. This is to be improved and changed later. For now, this is it.
    I am retired and looking back on life. I went through years of difficulty. Mental pain, physical pain, and fear of the future that did not stop. I kept working and persisting. As a Christian I was certain of my future in heaven. I attended church and Bible studies, and was a member of Christian groups. The world is not Christian. The world does good and fair. One third of the angels followed satin and are on earth doing evil. Bad things happen. God is in charge at the end of life. The evil force loses. Much of the difficulties in life will teach us lessons we cannot learn by reading a book or having someone tell us. We get the experience and pain in order to get the teaching. Sad to tell you, but pain is the teacher. Our soul matures and gets stronger and we carry our knowledge into the after life. The evil force become something that produces good results once we mature and learn from it. We never learn it all, but we improve from where we were before. The Bible Book of James starts off with this sentence. “Consider it pure pleasure when you face difficulties or trials of many kinds.” I am not 76 years old. I find that “pure pleasure” from pain a little beyond my maturity. I am still striving for it. Maybe once I learn to laugh at pain and thank pain it will be defeated similar to how in the movie ‘Matrix’ was defeated once Neo recognized it was all a computer generated illusion. Once recognized it was defeated and no longer existed. It became a nothing.

    Here is an activity that can greatly improve your life. Do thanksgiving prayers to God. Thank him for all the great and good things in your life. Go through each part of your body and thank God for it. Thank him for good healthy functional eyes, ears, brain, mouth, stomach, digestive track, pain free joints, functional joints, that is just a start on the list. There are another 100 things to thank him for. Thank God for healing parts of your body. Then move to the environment around you. Thank God for all the good stuff around you. Examples of that around you: safety, abundance, health, beauty, comfort, good people, things available to learn, the ability to learn.

    Do the thanksgiving for about 15 minutes. Do not ask God for anything. Just thank and thank and thank.

    What happens? Your ego becomes little. You realize you are not the god. At that point, God can use and help you. You finally got out of the way of God. God wants to give you everything more than you could imagine. But do not ask for all that good. Most of all that good you could not handle well. It would not benefit you. Your ego would grow you into a monster. As humans we are limited. The evil force is waiting to move in on us. The ego is evil’s entry point. God wants to give to us. But, we are limited. Stay humble and thank God almost continually.

    Do you want to take a selfie picture. Do you want to put on your makeup. That is evidence you are ego controlled. You think it is about you, and you elevated above others. You could maybe be worshiped like a Hollywood idol or a big shot religious person. Being humble requires caution and awareness of why we are doing what we do.

    I warn you. The evil world will not respect a humble person. The evil force fears the power of a humble person. They want to crush the humble person, but hesitate, because they know there will be a backlash on them. God is at work and watching. The backlash takes time. Maybe years. But the backlash arrives for sure. So humble hurt person keep your peace. God is in charge. That bad treatment can be twisted into something good for you by God. Some of the worst things that have happened to me in life have become a blessing. It did not feel like a blessing when it was happening to me. Years later I realized it was a blessing. It usually force me to leave a rotten situation.

    • Michael Kucher says

      That was truly an inspiration…
      Thank you

    • Truly inspiring, and all so true.

    • Typically I stray away from anything Bible related, but I can. Honestly say that That was the best Christian interpretation of wisdom and life I have heard in a long time. I am personally feeling much better than o did 2 mins ago, so Thank you for that, and may the force be with you.

    • James – I am reading this in 2021 as you must now be 76. In 2017 my life began coming apart at the seems and it has finally culminated in 2021. I too am a Christian and have allowed God to do his great work in me. I can’t tell you what an inspiration it was to read your words during this time in my life. May you be truly blessed today.

  3. I loved Bryan’s essay, “The disregarding wild”.
    It really made me think about life, nature, and how important it is to push the boundaries of our comfort zone, and to not be afraid to feel the fear of the unknown as we strive to meet our work, art, and life goals. Thank you so much Bryan, your words are truly inspirational, and I’m always excited to see your essays in my email. Keep it up, you are doing great things for people’s personal growth, internal strength, and vision.

  4. Dr. Jonathan Mather says

    Bryan’s thundering rush of truths has me
    feeling a little like a flash flood filling the
    canyon. Clarity and resonance of expression
    like this, in my experience, come only from
    cultivation of higher character and deeper
    nature. Very curious as to possibilities of
    good works together…

  5. @Bryan love your articles they resonate so well with the voice within that has been muffled by social pressure to conform. However muffled, that voice lingers and is relentless in seeking attention. Reading your articles help me listen to that voice and to allow it to guide me. 🙂 Thanks.

  6. What do you do if you have unforeseen things come up that take a significant part of your day – new work that shows up that really is a high priority, a family issue that you must resolve today, etc. – and therefore you cannot complete a good portion of your planned bold moves and even your FTA items?

  7. I will try this again. What do you do if unforeseen items come up – new, very high priority tasks that are also urgent, family issues that much be resolved now, etc. – and you cannot complete your daily big move item(s) or even your FTA’s?

    • Bryan Ward says

      If it’s a one off disruption, then get back in the saddle the following day. It’s a recurring situation, then that’s a cue it’s time to re-order and re-imagine your daily life.

  8. I am thankful for you.
    I am thankful another day.
    I am thankful for my chance to change.
    I am thankful…

  9. Carl omalley says

    Bryan, you surf?

  10. Typically I stray away from anything Bible related, but I can. Honestly say that That was the best Christian interpretation of wisdom and life I have heard in a long time. I am personally feeling much better than o did 2 mins ago, so Thank you for that, and may the force be with you.

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