Why You Should Procreate: An Open Letter To Every Smugly-Childless Man

There’s always one.

Some smug prick at the dinner party who announces he will not be having children.

Because, overpopulation.

And “man as disease.”

Not to mention the mess, and the work, and the annihilation of one’s personal life.

The subtext being that having children is an “indulgence,” a surrender to base, unenlightened instinct, an act both unconscious and unconscionable.

Three things, asshole:

1. Population Winter

We do not only proliferate.

Winter is coming.

We have swelled in number, yes, like poppies on a sunlit hill.

But all it takes is a hard frost, and we have lost our buds.

When you look beyond the garden walls of recent history, you’ll see that plagues, war, and other calamities routinely decimate our ranks.

Black Death killed over fifty million people, which was more than half of Europe’s population at the time.
LINK: https://www.history.com/news/history-lists/6-devastating-plagues

We are not givens.

2. Refinement by Fatherhood

Yes, to have children is to enter the cataclysm. Daily, for years on end.

Yes, your life will utterly change.

Nothing will make you curse so despairingly, scrape the bottom of your own jar so desperately, love so deeply.

It will stretch you to breaking point.

But you’re rigged for it. We all are.

Having children is the great crucible, the forcing function that pulls our greatest love and work from us, even if kicking and screaming.

3. Glorious Human

If you believe our species is a cancer, that we are a stain on nature, then yes, you best keep you seed unsown:

Spare us the spreading of your anti-human tripe by not breeding.

When it comes to changing the world, the works of our hands are but penultimate:

Our greatest creations are the children we produce, tend, and bequeath to the world.

That is how we truly, literally have skin in the game.

Yes, we can, as a species, be cruel and rapacious.

But our contributions outweigh our devastations, if that is what we choose.

Humanity is net positive.

As Julian Simon said, where others see yet another mouth to feed, I see two hands and a mind.
Children are the future, the bleeding edge of our confounding species: a species flawed, fragile, glorious.

Go make some more.

Bryan Ward is the founder of Third Way Man and author of the LIT Black Paper

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