Why You Need Enemies

Photo by 24842486@N07. Changes made

Photo by 24842486@N07. Changes made

The benefits to having no enemies is obvious.

But have you considered the COST?

What do you suffer as a result of your choice?

As men, we’ve been told our whole life that reigning in our power is the smart play.

We’ve been told that playing nice and getting along is how “modern men behave.”

But you know in your belly there is a price to pay.

You know that eliminating conflict from your life does not lead to peace.

It leads to numbness. Depression. Anxiety. The back cloud inside that is always there, waiting at the edges to swallow you up.

The real reason so many men are depressed?

It’s not their lousy childhood or family situation or blah blah blah.

It’s because they’re someone else’s bitch.

To be a man is to enter the fray. To rise or fall in fortune against the fortunes of other men.

A life with power and force and gravity will attract enemies. If you do not have the later, you do not have the former.

Enemies are a litmus test for power.

A man with no enemies is a man with no power.

A man with no enemies is a man with no convictions: his desire to please and appease outweighs his desire for impact.

A man with no enemies is a man with nothing worth taking: his life does not move other men to greed, envy, or covetousness.

A thousand years ago, enemies spelt death: theirs, or yours.

But that is no longer the case.

Today’s enemies hack your Facebook, give you a shitty work reference, or spew bile in the comment section on your blog.

Distracting? Deflating? Annoying as hell? Sure.

But hardly fatal.

And, ultimately, a small price to pay for living your life off the chain.

So when you finish reading this, go fucking make an enemy.

Get conflagrational.

I’m not saying burn his house down.

I’m saying tell him you think he’s full of shit.

Tell all those people what you actually think instead of trotting out the sanitized drivel that passes for conversation.

Raise some hackles.

Carry out bold, audacious missions YOUR way on YOUR terms, no matter what “they” think.

Choose your daily actions based not what is “approved” and sanctioned by the group, but based on what will build your empire and protect and enrich your family.

Being “enemy free” is over-rated.

So go rattle the fucking cage.

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