Why You Must Be The Man Who Chooses Blood

You think you want “the good life.”

…That if only you could escape all these mind-numbing problems assaulting you, THEN you’d have it made. THEN you could get on with your real life… the life of leisure and travel and “freedom” you’ve longed for.

But deep down you know: the “good life” is hell.

For as men, we are made for blood.

No matter how much we shirk or refuse, no matter how it troubles or terrifies us, we are drawn to the stench of the battlefield.

We want to believe the best use of our civilian lives is to put our feet up, to luxuriate in yet another Netflix binge.

But our grandfathers didn’t stain the sands of France and Japan so we could grow fat on the couch.

They fought wars of destruction so we could fight wars of creation. Wars perfectly suited to our personal passions, compulsions, and aspirations.

I am not speaking of literal wars (though we must always face that possibility): I’m talking about engaging all your projects with the directness, courage, and intensity of a warrior.

You may still believe you can side-step the fighting life.

But like it or not, we are made for war. Denial of that fact leads not to peace, but to uselessness.

In refusing to engage an outside enemy, you become your own enemy, your life force drained by internal conflict, doubt, and double-guess.

When you refuse the war without, you unleash the war within.

So stop running from conflict. Stop working for some bloodless, perfumed fantasy.

Turn and face the enemy. Pick the worthiest fight and start swinging.

Unleash your special mayhem.

While other men deny our nature, desperate to climb back into the womb, be the man who chooses blood.

Choose your war and walk into it, with blood on your lips and flesh in your mouth.

While other men walk into the day avoidant and cowed, be the man who walks into the carcass.

Choose the life that makes your heart pound, your hands shake, your belly flutter.

Let the battles of creation rage.

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  1. F*cK YEAH!

  2. well communicated truth. 🙂

  3. I wholeheartedly agree with Joe. This post gave me wood and made me thirst for a fight.

  4. This is who we once were but can aspire to be again.

  5. Wow. Powerful sentiment. Too many men and newer generations want to sit back and let others do the work and lustily reap the benefits. I’ll be the first to admit I can be guilty of this! But now I want to step up and fight somebody. Like agencies who find ways to keep the homeless down; like men abusing their stature to harass women; bullies in schools. Pick one. Do something!

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