Why Modern Man Lies

We drift to sleep warm in our beds, never further from the jungle, yet never more afraid.

It is not the lion’s jaw we fear, of the flash of some blade in the dark:

It is the disapproving look.

The public derision.

Exile from the land of the “correct.”

And so…

Glib and cheerful: THAT is how we go into the day.

THAT is the stance proven to buy some toleration.

Speak freely, and you risk social annihilation.

But you are not here to smile and bob:

You are here to speak hard truths.

You are here to live and love untidily.

The desolation you’ve surveyed and survived…

The ragged beauty you’ve found…

Your gift is to use ALL of it to shock and liberate and create the world anew, one revolution, one love at a time.

It is NOT “loving” to speak falsely and glib.

So stop the charade of so-called loving behavior that is merely ingratiation in a sanctioned skin.

Have the courage to speak the darker truths, to love in ways that dismay, that madden, that matter.

Speak the truth in love, yes, but speak the truth!

For when speaking truth, love is inherent.

And the love of a few is far better than the toleration of the masses.

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