Why I Wish You Darkness

You thought you’d finally found your dark art.

So you took the plunge and set out to unleash it… to “do what you love,” to “follow your passion.”

But the clouds did not part.

The angels did not sing.

In fact, the way was rough, with thorns and snares and wolves snapping at your heels.

Bewildered, you stopped, boots sunk in the mud, crickets sawing in the dark, and you felt utterly, completely lost.

“Find your passion: then everything else will fall into place. The rest is just details.”

You used to think the same of love.

You thought the hard part was finding the “right one”… the woman so exquisitely formed, so chemically seared to you she would keep your heart in your mouth forever.

But of course that is the child’s view.

As with love, the chief agony of calling is NOT in finding the path, but in staying the course…

…in resisting temptation to double-guess or interpret difficulty as a sign you’ve mischosen.

If your path is worthy of your life’s blood, it MUST lead to places no one’s been before.

So of course there will be no sign posts.

Of course there will be no guides ahead, calling back encouragements, holding a lantern to guide your way.

There is no script for you now, no map to follow.

To walk towards greatness is to walk in darkness.

You are not lost.

You’re simply finding what has never been found before.


  1. Great post – very encouraging. Love your writing style!

  2. Very good. Food for thought. Encouragement.

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