When “Just Do It” Fails

You’re five weeks into your project.

Not just any project… THE project.

The one you know is going to break it all wide open.

This project means everything to you. And yet, aside from some “web research,” you’ve done NOTHING to move it forward.

You stare at the grizzled bloodshot face in the mirror and ask yourself “what the fuck is wrong with me? Why can’t I just EXECUTE?”

If you find yourself demoralized at your inability to “just do it,” first and foremost, stop berating yourself.

If you are hard working and ambitious but NOT EXECUTING, the block is likely due to underlying structural problems within the project itself… NOT your level of will power.

It does no good to “will” the water to flow if there’s a kink in the hose.

Ask yourself:

1. Do you trust the underlying strategy?

2. Have you tested and validated your project’s basic assumptions?

3. Is the scale of your project too big?

4. Is the scale too SMALL?

5. Is the risk / reward ratio skewed?

6. How far out is the payoff?

7. Have you defined the project too broadly?

8 Have you defined the project too NARROWLY?

9. Do you have the team you need to succeed?

10. Do you love the people your project serves?

Fix these underlying issues, and chances are you will have fixed your execution problem as well.

Executing courageous, game-changing projects will never be fall-off-a-log easy.

But it shouldn’t be like climbing a cliff naked, either.

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