The Fish And The Glass

A group of scientists divided a pond in half with a pane of glass.

Then they filled both sides of the pond with fish.

For the first few days, fish on both sides bumped into the pane of glass constantly.

In time, the fish learned that the pane was impassable, and avoided it entirely.

Then the scientists removed the pane of glass.

The fish were now free to swim the entire length of the pond.

But none of them did.

They had learned their lesson too well.

Those fish grew old and died, never knowing that the barrier they based their lives around had been removed years ago.

As with fish, so it is with men.

We look at our lives and see three things: the place where we are now, the place where we want to be, and the wall dividing them.

Maddeningly, the wall is translucent: we can see through to the other side, imagining how much better our lives could be, if only we were strong enough, smart enough, bold enough.

And so we live out our days swimming slow circles, resigned to our shrunken kingdoms.

You swear the wall is foot thick and bulletproof, but in truth it’s precariously thin, like a skein of ice on a puddle.

All you must do is turn your head and move forward, finning slowly towards what you desire.

The wall dissolves as soon as you put your nose in.

ANYTHING about your life can be changed.

Your body, your art, your business, your marriage, your legacy… all can be reborn instantly, at any moment.

Everything is always hanging in the balance.

You are always just one choice away from ecstasy.

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