The 3 Biggest Emasculators Of Men (Part 5)

At this point in the series, we’ve covered the three biggest emasculators in detail.

But now I’d like to talk about a fourth “meta” emasculator. One that makes Wage Slavery, Nutritional Bankruptcy, and Toxic Feminism pale in comparison.

This emasculator goes by many names:

Learned helplessness. Self sabotage. Victim mentality.

The root is the same: it’s the habit of surrendering your power to others.

You see, most men live their lives like Edward Norton in Fight Club: sensing oppression, they look frantically for an external source, never realizing THEY are the ones punching themselves in the face.

As powerful as the three emasculators in this series are, they can only emasculate you if YOU let them.

For thousands of years, men have struggled against forces far more immediate and brutal than ours.

Men had to exert enormous levels of strength just to survive.

You could say that men of old had the WILL to flourish, but lacked the FREEDOM to achieve it, given the general absence of infrastructure, property rights, free markets, technology, and law we take for granted today.

Men today have the FREEDOM to flourish, yet few possess the WILL to seize it.

And so, for all our “progress,” modern men as a whole are no better off than our barbaric ancestors: like them, we’re still missing an essential piece. We’ve merely swapped one scarcity for another.

Would that you and I be the rare man that holds onto his strength and will in peacetime. Not so as to create new wars, or prove our manhood in vain, workless squabbles, but to apply the same male powers usually corralled for war into peacetime flourishing:

To create works of art, works of family, works of enterprise, and grand adventures other men–the “men on the couch”–don’t have the sack for.

Some say “Why bother? Beat your swords into plowshares. Enjoy your sloth. This idleness and leisure are the rewards of peace. Feast on the fruits of our grandfathers’ sacrifice.”

But everywhere you look is proof to the contrary.

I see it in the stooped shoulders of fawning “nice guy” husbands whose loins have lost their gravity.

I see it in the dead faces of men surrounded by every cheap pleasure and pastime money can buy, but hollow at the core for lack of purpose.

You cannot surrender your inner warrior without consequence.

And yes, though there are forces all around us that profit off our emasculation, the fact remains that we are the freest generation of men that has walked the earth.

You may feel “trapped” in the grinding routines you find yourself in, but you are free at every moment to blow out the walls and change your life.

You may choose to stay in the cage. But the fact remains that the doors are, and have always been, open.

If you have the courage to open yourself to social discomfort, and to forsake the norms and strictures handed down, you CAN build the life you long for.

To that end, I am planting the flag and building up a tribe of men who are choosing to live their lives at the highest level of strength, love, honor and courage.

If this series has resonated with you, and if you too hunger to be part of such a tribe, Click Here to learn more.


  1. Wonderful Bryan! But why do you do this whole series with the word “emasculator” as if the feminine was bad. I love to be the woman whenever I can. BTW I think this idea of the masculine being only for people with penises is holding us back. Hello Bruce Jenner/Caitlyn.

    Why not empower your humanity in the slavery article? The male ability to independently do extreme physical work is regarded by women with awe and trembling for we simply cannot ourselves. I love that you encourage it in males but….if it cannot “provide and protect” the male as well be a large teenager.

    Still I luv the attitude of no whining you are putting out. “Effort” regardless of immediate success is everything to women. That’s why we secretly love sports.

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