The 3 Biggest Emasculators Of Men (Part 4)

Welcome to the fourth installment of my “3 Biggest Emasculators of Men” series.

So far, we’ve covered Wage Slavery and Nutritional Bankruptcy.

This week, we’re going to look at Toxic Feminism.

If you’re like most men, you have mixed feelings about feminism.

On the one hand, feminism has helped women win the safety and opportunities they deserve, giving them great strides forward in the public (civic and economic) sphere.

But feminism has moved women BACKWARDS in the private sphere–in the arenas of sex, love and relationship.

For thousands of years, given the size and strength differential between men and women, women were constantly vulnerable to all forms of abuse at the hands of men.

Yet recently, as society became increasingly democratic and egalitarian, the political climate was such that women were able to collectively overcome this size and strength differential through rule of law.

As a result of this work, women won the right to vote, to work, and a host of other long overdue freedoms.

But there’s one little problem.

You may be able to legislate equality between men and women in the civic sphere.

But you cannot legislate love.

The civic sphere (the “boardroom”) operates in a transactional economy.

The private sphere (the “bedroom”) operates in a gift-giving economy.

In their effort to win equality in the civic sphere, feminists lost the heart of men in the private sphere.

To paraphrase C.S. Lewis, you cannot castrate the gelding and bid him be fruitful.

In other words, you can’t emasculate a whole generation of men and then complain when no one sweeps you off your feet.

The messy, wild, uncontrolled quality of the masculine is something women fear and have worked hard to censor and control.

It’s also precisely what they most need and want in men, even if they don’t know it.

So what’s a man to do.

Option #1: Self-Emasculation

This is the typical route. Men blunt their edges. They meeken their gaze, soften their voice, and become the “nice guy”… believing the lie that this behavior will get them the love and acceptance they crave.

But that’s not what happens.

Instead, women lose respect, which then adds insult to injury, as years of “dad the buffoon” stereotypes in popular media will readily attest.

Option #2: Misogyny

The other (increasingly popular) option is misogynistic rage.

You see it everywhere, as manifested by the Men’s Rights Movement, PUA, Red Pill, Men Going Our Own Way, and many other male splinter groups.

Ironically, these anti-feminist movements are just as emasculating as the male feminist “manginas” they loathe, because in both cases men are giving up their power to women. They are making WOMEN the ultimate arbiters of their happiness (or lack thereof) instead of themselves.

The THIRD WAY is to embrace your masculine power, without apology or ire, and to pair it with love.

Women have nothing to fear of a man’s strength so long as it’s coupled with love.

1. Low Love, High Strength: This is the monster, the brute: the man who women are right to fear and loathe.

2. High Love, Low Strength: This is the sissified male, the emasculated brown noser, the “nice guy” who woman SAY they want to be with but in fact feel NO sexual chemistry with in the real world.

3. HIGH LOVE, HIGH STRENGTH: The man who possesses both strength AND love is the man who melts woman’s resistance, who makes all the laws and campaigning blur to the background.

Women trying to control men with law is no different than men trying to control women with brute force in the sense that BOTH strategies are artifacts of the transactional model, which has no place in the bedroom.

Women may have inadvertently shot themselves in the foot by neutering the very parts of a man (masculine strength, confidence, and self-respect) that are capable of giving women the strong love they crave.

But that’s not the end of the story.

Because you have a choice.

Stop apologizing for being a man. EMBRACE your masculinity and bring it to the very forefront of your life.

Start with the little things:

1. Take off those sneakers and put on some boots.

2. Put down the laundry and go split some wood.

3. Stop folding your legs.

4. Stand straight and pull your shoulders back.

5. Grow a beard.

We’ve been brainwashed to think “I shouldn’t have to prove my masculinity,” but you DO have to prove it. To yourself, to other men, and to your woman. That’s the entire point.

6. Get a purpose. Find something bigger than yourself to serve. And something bigger than your woman.

Putting your woman on a pedestal is no better than putting her down. She wants to be a part of something bigger than herself, just like you, and will feel lost and unsafe if she is the center of your universe.

7. Become the man who is no longer shipwrecked by a woman’s storms.

As a man, you have, at this very moment, everything you need to throw off the chains of toxic feminism and come into the full masculine power that is your CHIEF ASSET, not your shame.

You do not have to choose between love and power.

In fact, in the long run you will have neither unless you embrace both.


  1. Rob Provencher says

    well said….thanks

  2. Interesting that most of the women here basically reiterate your points:

  3. As a woman, I couldn’t agree with you more. Lines have been blurred, and often men are in a no win, it must be challenging. I dated a married gentleman, unknown at the time, but he would tell me how is “ex-wife” would give him chores, i.e. cleaning the bathroom, vacuuming, washing the cars. Failure to complete was greeted with disdain. He claimed it was a sexless marriage, which I tend to believe this one.
    I tried to explain, woman don’t want sex with a man they can’t respect. Once it is lost, it is terribly difficult, to next to impossible to gain back.
    I cared for this man, more than I wanted. The man he showed me would never bow to me. What I found so interesting is he dated me to get the emotional and physical needs met, while putting her on a pedestal and treating me as dirt. I ended it, he cried. Funny, as time progresses, I am not longer angry, hurt, but not angry. I hope he finds his way, either becoming the man he is supposed to be and is, taking a stand and bettering his relationship or he finds a woman, a woman that appreciates him, who doesn’t make him grovel for sex, a woman who wants him to touch him. Me I’m looking for that man that he portrayed, he is out there, this site provides evidence there is.
    I like to believe there are still good men and woman out there, the challenge is to find them.

  4. You lost me on this one. The idea of strength that you convey is fallible and ultimately either sad or funny depending on how one wants to take it.
    Grow a beard, don’t cross your legs; what are you talking about?
    Look, strength does not equal power or stamina nor does it signify what a real man is. I can be kind and helpful and even have feminine attributes and still be masculine. Gay men can be masculine and women can be too. These things are unrelated. Militant feminism can be a problem and, as with any cause, some take things too far but to blame feminist behavior for lack of masculinity is a joke. Because I personally believe a man should never be measured by superficial stereotypes of what “manliness” is.

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