The 3 Biggest Emasculators Of Men (Part 3)

Cropped photo by dancentury

Cropped photo by dancentury

In the last post, we looked at Wage Slavery and how depending on the whims of an employer screws with your masculinity at a core level.

This week, we’re going to look at Nutritional Bankruptcy–how the foods we eat can either empower us… or emasculate us.

The fact that the typical modern diet is dominated by massively processed “pseudo foods” is already well documented elsewhere in movies like Food Inc and in books like Michael Pollan’s Omnivore’s Dilemma (highly recommended), so in this post, I’m going to focus on a different angle: how the typical modern diet curtails our freedom as men and undermines our capacity to live a free, self-determined life.

I’ll take it as given that you’d like to eat well.

But in today’s food system, that is no simple feat.

“Big Food” is financially motivated to use all the cutting edge food science at their disposal to create exceptionally addictive foods to ensure that you keep coming back to fill your belly (and line their pockets) time after time after time.

The obvious impact is obesity, heart disease, diabetes, chronic inflammation, and a host of other health conditions.

The less obvious but just as devastating impact is the sense of impotency, rage, and helplessness that comes from knowing these billion dollar corporations OWN your stomach and put their junk in your body three times a day… and that you PAY them for the privilege.

Sound overblown?

Tell me you don’t feel the self revulsion, the guilt, and the shame that comes from eating the foods you keep promising yourself you wouldn’t eat anymore.

Tell me you don’t feel the slow erosion of self respect that comes from breaking that diet you keep starting, blowing, and resuming in a mind-numbing cycle.

Yeah, I thought so.

So how do we get free of Big Food?

Wrong Strategy #1: Wait for the government to fix it.

Most people say “this is terrible. The government should stop these companies.”

But that makes you the victim. You are in effect saying “I am powerless until someone ELSE fixed the problem.”

You render yourself helpless by placing the problem outside your control.

Wrong Strategy #2: Relying on willpower to change your diet.

The other extreme is to try to muscle your way out of their nets.

These food companies have invested billions of dollars into R&D and have hired the smartest chemists on the planet to create foods virtually NO ONE can say no to.

Relying on willpower is like bringing a knife to a gun fight. You’ll get slaughtered.

That’s why “I’m going on a diet” never works.

A better strategy is to create an Alternate Food Reality so compelling, so delicious, so easy to follow, that you drop off Big Food’s radar (and out of their profit stream) without a trace.

I’m sure you’ve heard of the Paleo diet.

[If you want details, check out Mark Sisson and Dave Asprey. They’ll steer you straight]

Whether or not you’ve tried it, let me tell you this. It is the ONLY “diet” I’ve tried (and I’ve tried many) that has had dramatic and LASTING effect on my waistline, mood, energy levels, and overall sense of physical wellbeing.

And it fits ALL the criteria of what I mean by an Alternate Food Reality:

* The food is delicious
* The diet is easy to follow in the sense that there is no calorie counting or portion size limits
* Once you get past the adjustment period, there are virtually NO cravings for processed, non-Paleo foods

Now let me warn you, the first 30 days will suck. Your body will go through a process called Ketosis, which I describe simply as your body changing from being a “sugar burner” to becoming a “fat burner.”

Think of it as a brief and necessary pain of parting, like the cuts you get climbing the barbed wire as you escape the prison.

Bottom line, going Paleo is a lifestyle change that not only keeps you lean, strong, mentally clear and happy… it also restores your sense of power and autonomy.

You’re no longer Big Food’s cash cow.

If you have a family to provide for or a business empire to build, Big Food’s nasty sugar salt fat concoctions aren’t going to cut it.

It’s time to power your life with REAL FOOD… and opt out of our culture’s broken food system.

Freedom starts with what you put in your fridge.

Eat yourself free.


  1. I see. So I’m no longer Big Food’s cash cow. What I am now is Mark Sisson’s, Dave Asprey’s, and the Paleo diet industry’s cash cow. Got it.

    Very interesting.

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