The 3 Biggest Emasculators Of Men (Part 2)

In the last post, I listed what I consider to be the three biggest emasculators of men today:

1. Wage Slavery
2. Nutritional Bankruptcy
3. Toxic Feminism

In this second post of the series, I’m going to unpack the first emasculator, Wage Slavery, and give you a simple battle plan to kick it in the teeth and move towards economic self-determination.

Some say ‘the love of money is the root of all evil.’

I say the LACK of money is the root of almost all masculine desperation.

In my view, employment’s destructiveness goes way beyond the obvious economic disadvantages (high rates of taxation, inability to deduct business expenses, and so on).

The darker consequence most people miss is the way employment specifically neuters men by screwing with one of man’s most primal roles.

As men, we are wired to provide. When you are an employee, your ability to provide is governed completely by the whims of your employer. In other words, you are able to provide for your family ONLY so long as your boss is willing and able to provide for YOU first.

Again, two hundred years ago the idea of mass employment to other men or corporations was unheard of. It only strikes you and I as normal because of our post Industrial Revolution conditioning.

Our forefathers would have been stunned at our complicity.

And wage slavery is the most slippery of pits: to climb out of the maw, you must possess a strength and confidence that is normally supplied precisely by the very economic independence you are trying to achieve!

So what do you do if you’re deep underground, too discouraged and defeated to get out?

First off, you must break the cycle. Stop looking to income, work performance, and other vanity metrics most men use to fuel their self worth.

You must stop depending on outside sources of power: stop asking your woman, your work, or your achievements to fan your flames.

You MUST learn to come alight by your own volition, by your own two hands:

1. Amp your biology. Get a ten hour sleep tonight. Go for a long walk to clear your head. Eat the healthiest meal you know how to make, even if it’s just a green smoothie. Once you’ve done these three things, your baseline of power will shift dramatically higher. This self-made power is the platform on which everything else will be built.

2. Find your personal intersection of ability, passion, and value rendered. Forget about “do what you love.” You must be more strategic than that. Find a project where your skills, your heart, and value rendered to others finds a point of massive overlap. This becomes your ONE THING.

3. Do the work. Build the product. Render the service. Make something amazing, one day at a time.

Remember the REAL project here: it’s not about “having more freedom.” It’s about ending your slavery to other men.

It’s about re-building your personal economy in such a way that you and your family flourish independent of any other man’s whim, so that your decisions and your pursuits are governed not by fear and fawning, but out of simple, naked desire for the things you love.

Next week, we’ll examine Nutritional Bankruptcy in greater detail, why it’s so entrenched, and a simple strategy that rebuilds “the ground” (your physical, mental and emotional health) so you can live an extraordinary life.

Until then, do something profoundly valuable that terrifies you. Start hammering the chains.

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