The 3 Biggest Emasculators Of Men (Part 1)

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I’m doing a series on the current state of masculinity, starting with what I consider to be the three biggest emasculators of men today.

And when I say “emasculators,” I mean forces in our culture that invisibly foul men’s progress by creating pernicious discouragement, self-doubt, depression, and self loathing–often with little to no awareness of the root causes.

1. Wage Slavery

Working at the employ of another is a radical and recent departure from man’s historical role as free agent.

Before the industrial revolution, you were either a self-made man, or you were a slave / vassal / serf. Today, most men are corporate slaves who only think they are free.

Going from the constant stress and anxiety of wage slavery and being J.O.B. (just over broke) to finally having the freedom and mental peace that comes with FU money is one of the most transformational and clarifying experiences of your life. Financial self-determination is not a “nice to have.” It is a prerequisite of empowered, free masculinity.

2. Nutritional Bankruptcy

“Big Food” pours billions of dollars into creating the most addictive combinations of fat, salt and sugar known to man.

You are what you eat. We know this, and yet we eat the most heinous slop in the history of food and hope for the best.

The obvious consequence is the resultant obesity, heart disease, and other heath problems clearly linked to eating the S.A.D. (Standard American Diet). What’s not as obvious is the way nutritionally-bankrupt food steals your power and erodes your ability to live a self-determined life.

Most of the food in your local grocery store puts you on a roller-coaster ride of blood sugar spikes and crashes, brain fog, and never-ending diet / break-diet guilt cycles that are massively disruptive and destroy the high levels of physical, mental and emotional health you MUST possess if you want to create a life of power and freedom.

3. Toxic Feminism

What ostensibly began as a movement to empower and protect women has morphed into a turgid mass of unintended consequences, chief among those being the effeminization and emasculation of men.

As a result, women have made great strides forward in the civil and economic spheres, but huge slides backwards in the areas of love, sex, and relationship.

The essential polarity and otherness between the sexes has largely been lost, as well as, by extension, the likelihood of experiencing any lasting form of passionate, loving marriage, and all the gifts that entails.

In the next post, I’ll discuss these forces in greater detail and explore some practical ways you can extricate yourself from the system and be truly, lastingly free, in ways the vast majority of men today will never be.

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