The #1 Lie About Finding Your Passion

When it comes to mission, most men I know are on the fence.

They want to take on a bigger, bolder mission than the one they have now (which is often someone ELSE’S mission, or NO mission at all)…

…But they’re “not quite sure” what that mission looks like.

So they wait.

They mull it over.

They BROOD on it.

All the while, waiting for the perfect, fully-formed mission to reveal itself in a flash of light, the clouds parting, angels singing, all doubt and ambivalence burned away.

And while they wait…

They’re going broke.

Their children are growing older.

Their wives are growing restless, impatient, and afraid.

Yet still they wait.

They wait weeks, months, years, DECADES for a mission that will perfectly utilize their unique snowflake mashup of talents, life experience, and passions so they’ll no longer have to suffer the pain of vocational uncertainty.

They wait for the “perfect mission.”

In my experience, the perfect mission does not exist.

If a mission was THAT certain, THAT unambiguous, it wouldn’t be a mission. It would be something like… data entry.

Missions are murky.

They are dark, festering, mind-numbing quagmires.

Infernal, gut-wrenching, misery-inducing paths we take ONLY because there is no other way to bring that “something” that stirs us into the world.

Men hold out desperately for CLARITY, insisting that a mission’s suitability reveal itself BEFORE they do the work.

But clarity is the reward, not the criteria.

You don’t get that clarity until you start walking the path.

They way FORWARD is to simply pick the best mission in front of you and commit to it 100%.

Stop wasting time waiting for the “perfect” mission and apply perfect commitment to a “good enough” mission.

Your mission will evolve.

You will duck, weave, bob, and adapt.

But that only works if you have momentum.

Your committed action-taking will reveal your path as no amount of planning or pondering ever could.

So get off the fence, pick a path… and GET MOVING.

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