The #1 Drug For Dads

If anyone needs a boost, it’s you and me.

The demands of fatherhood…

The ultimate stakes…

The bludgeoning we take… It’s downright chemical.

It’s only logical, then, to fight fire with fire: to fortify ourselves with countermeasures as powerful as the onslaught itself.

You won’t find my drug of choice among the usual suspects:

It’s not marijuana, or alcohol.

It’s not heroin, coke, mushrooms, or meth.

It’s not adderall or caffeine.

It’s not sleep, exercise, meditation, or gratitude, either.

This drug requires no prescription.

No clandestine, back-alley purchase.

There’s no mind-shredding addiction, no body-ravaging side-effects.

There’s no needle to insert, no tourniquet to tighten.

For it is the purest, cleanest high of all:

It’s workings are alchemical, ancient, and primeval:

It is, of course, RAW ACTION.

Nothing else compares.

No narcotic, no stimulant can match the bliss of the body in motion… of choice enfleshed.

Action’s ecstasy is instantaneous and compounding: even if for the millionth time, it works it’s magic.

It’s trigger is sure:

All you do is peel your ass off the bottom of whatever hole you’re in, and climb.

You pick up the phone, lift the box, send the email, have the conversation. You lift your head and claw your way back and beyond, one crumbling handhold at a time.

No matter the humiliation, no matter the long-numb, no matter the endless string of dead days…

No matter how heavy the curtain, no matter the mud in your mouth, remember: you can change it all:

Rise, and seize the better life.

You’re always but one thrash away.

Bryan Ward is the founder of Third Way Man and author of the LIT Black Paper


  1. WT Bryan says:

    i love you in Brian Ward for caring so much and inspireing me

  2. Andrew Wagoner says:

    Man, I really needed to hear this. Had a rough week with a friends recent suicide weighing on me and I just found out I missed an important deadline for an internship pushing my graduation back a semester. Thanks for these words my man. March forth with relentless passion and purpose.

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