The #1 Distraction Of Empire-Builders

You friend.

You tweet.

You connect.

You’re digging your well, growing your network.

Because someday—someday soon—you’re gonna build something special.

And when you do, you wanna make damn sure you have an audience to share it with.

But here’s the thing: that problem was solved for you a long time ago.

The internet is one great big distribution machine, and the machine is IDLE.

Every day millions of people spent billions of hours greasing and priming this machine, trying to add to its already gargantuan capacity, when it’s not distribution but SHIT WORTH DISTRIBUTING that is in short supply.

So stop polishing your social media.

Stop collecting likes and fans and connections.

Start building things worth reading, worth watching, worth believing.

While everyone else is worshiping the rails, be the man who builds the train.

While everyone else is adding their pails of water to the river, be the man who builds the ship.

While everyone else is adding their twigs to the mountain of wood, be the man who lights the match.

We’re all waiting for you.


  1. Yes! Man, I can’t thank you enough for your writing. It’s what I desperately needed right now. Keep it up.

  2. Daniel Dixon says

    I love these great reads. Do you have any books out?

  3. Quality content is King! Create something worth reading, watching, clicking…thanks!

  4. Spot on brother

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