Swing Through The Darkness

This summer my oldest boy discovered the joys of river rope swings.

The first time he tried it, he fell off into the river at the nadir, when the force is strongest.

The next few tries bore the same result.

Then I told him to grip the rope higher and tighter… that if he could hang on through the bottom of the arch, he’d be able to swing back up and drop off at the top.

Sure enough, on the next swing he held on for dear life through the bottom and earned himself a nice drop down into the river.

As with rope swings, so it is with times of difficulty.

You may feel that the darkness you are facing is insurmountable.

That you are incapable of completing the book, the project, the launch, the album…

That there can be no happy outcome for your marriage, your relationships with your children, for your life.

But nothing lasts forever. And few things are as desolate as circumstances would have us feel.

So reach higher.

Tighten your grip.

Push through this nightmare nadir.

You can still come into the soaring you long for.

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