Stop Being So Damn Teachable

You want to live an extraordinary life.

Financially, relationally, spiritually, physically… ALL of it.

It’s not easy. You know that. Otherwise “everyone would be doing it.”

So, daunted by the task, you adopt the posture of the humble student rather than that of the master-in-the-making.

Each time you encounter a new webinar, “secret report,” or guru interview, you happily drop whatever you were doing before and sit at the new master’s feet.

You feel DUTY BOUND to consider what he is saying… to be the “teachable student.”

And it’s pushing that life you long for further and further out of reach.

I know. Because I do it too.

Being an “independent learner” is a double-edged sword.

It allows you to ingest huge amounts of information from the comfort of your own computer.

But it also makes you over-fond of research and over-inflates the role that study plays in your personal evolution.

What you call “productive learning” is often, in fact, mental jerking that gives you the feeling, but not the effect, of actual execution.

So stop wasting time stockpiling tactical knowledge about things you may or may not need to know in the future.

Study ONLY the specific problem in front of you. The one that’s blocking your progress NOW. Not some problem you “might” have “someday.”

Don’t let yourself slip into easy but ultimately workless apprenticeships to lessons you already know.

Don’t give your time slavishly to that which no longer applies.

Nothing lasting or worthwhile comes without bold acts.

Ignore the surge of curiosity. Follow the throb of fear.

Don’t ask yourself what is the lesson I need to learn, but rather, what is the courageous act I need to take?

What is the use of this hour before me that will fill not my head with facts, but the real world with the work of my hands?


  1. holy shi! this is literally me – so I have the realization – but no clue what my courageous act should be

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