Solve For Joy

Felt like shit when I woke up today.

Lots of reasons why.

All of them my own damn fault.

So I stumbled through the morning in a stupor.

Life felt… not so good.

All my hopes, dream, my plans and goals… they all seemed wrong.

I had a hike planned with my oldest son, so despite my sorry state, off we went.

Before long, the blood was pumping, and the cold misty air was filling my lungs. My son and I walked and talked in pleasant, unhurried conversation.

And suddenly, all was well.

I felt good. I felt happy.

Just like that.

It hit me in that moment that so often, we feel like we have to change our entire life to move forward, when in truth, all we really need is to find the thing in front of us that makes our blood rise again and gives us the simple happiness we need to take the next step, to stay the course.

In some twisted way, it can feel easier and cleaner to chuck it all and start over… to raze it to the ground and rebuild from scratch.

But chances are, your plan is a good one.

It may need bolder execution, or to be amplified with higher watt courage… but I bet it’s got good bones.

You just need to find the simple joys, the everyday things that re-enchant you to it.

Don’t fall prey to the insane Sisyphean temptation to push your stone to the top of the hill, only to let it roll all the way down again so you can busy yourself with pushing it up again in a numbing, workless cycle.

What you’re building may be crooked and wobbly, needing reinforcement, but you are moving forward. It’s gotten you this far.

What are the things that make your soul happy–that light you up, re-invigorate you, and renew your faith in your plan?

Write a list.

Then do them all.

Unleash copious amounts of joy in your life.

Don’t just wait for it… architect it.

Design your entire life so as to gather more of it.

Like the iceberg that can thrust its tip up out of the water only because of the supporting mass underneath, feed the soul that feeds the action.

Don’t give up.

Don’t lose heart.

Turn your face, ever so slightly.

You’re closer than you think.

Bryan Ward is the founder of Third Way Man and author of the LIT Black Paper

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