How To Sell Your Wife On The Dream (Part 2)

This is a followup to a previous post on the same topic.

You see the future so clearly:

The business you’ll build, the money you’ll make, the wild freedom you’ll unleash in your life.

You share the vision with your wife:

Instead of joy in her eyes, you see… fear.

Fear of it all going to shit.

Fear the so-called “family adventure” you describe will be, in fact, your own solitary, alienating slog.

“Wait, what?” you say. “Don’t you see? This is for US!”

But no, it’s not. Not yet. Not like this.

It’s not that your wife doesn’t want the outcomes you describe. But if you leave your dream untranslated…

…if you leave it in the language that lights YOU on fire, but not her…

…the spark won’t catch for her.

When you look at this future, you see freedom, power, money, fulfillment.

She sees risk, losing time with you, and more work for her.

For a man, going for glory… going “all in”… it needs no further explanation. The allure is intrinsic.

For your wife, you will need to convert your vision for the future into an EMOTIONAL CURRENCY that actually matters to her.

“Financial freedom” is not enough. It doesn’t automatically translate into a happier, more intimate life.

Not until you SHOW HER how it does.

Answer her unspoken questions:

* How much time and money will we invest in this?
* How do we avoid a financial crash and burn if it fails?
* How do we avoid an EMOTIONAL crash and burn if it fails?
* How do we keep this pursuit from consuming you… from making me feel like a single mom?
* What about MY hopes and dreams? Will there still be room in our life for those?
* How do our parenting roles change or stay the same?
* How are you going create joy in the journey… to keep me and the kids engaged along the way?

These questions, these fears… they aren’t traps set to trip you up. They aren’t signs she “doubts you” or is “holding you back.”

They are a gift your wife gives you: clarifying questions borne of otherness that help ensure your grand plans have the soulful, all-persons-considered underpinnings it needs to truly succeed.


  1. Aman Bakshi says

    Could you publish an Article on “How to Sell Your Wife”?

  2. I just had this conversation and see the clarity you speak of. I see the why and what! I saw the exact picture you destined and this article is going to help me bring her in I hope. I’ll blue print the steps I take and let you and the group know how it goes. Thanks man!

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