How Men Fail Their Ideas

Do you love starting new projects?

I know I do.

And I know it can be both blessing and curse.

My past is littered with art and business projects I quickly launched… and then just as quickly abandoned because they weren’t the immediate “home runs” I’d hoped they would be.

My mentality was this:

1. Get an idea
2. Launch the idea
3. See how it works
4. If it doesn’t knock it out of the park… shut it down and move on

The result of that mentality? A long string of failed projects.

But in truth, the ideas themselves weren’t the problem.

The ideas didn’t “fail me.”

I failed my ideas.

I failed to bring the level of vision and commitment required to bring the ideas to full fruition.

It’s like the ad that says “great lovers are made, not born.”

Great projects are “made not born,” too.

Their merit can’t be seen on day one. You have to see the glimmer of possibility, then have the belief, the faith, the courage, the COMMITMENT to say “the glimmer I see is good enough for me.”

And then you have to plant your flag.

It does NOT mean you blindly stick with any old idea. You still have to have a vetting process to make sure the idea holds up in the marketplace… that people want what you’re creating.

It means the TRIGGER POINT for your commitment needs to change. It means you must choose to commit to your project at a far earlier stage than you are now: at the moment you reach proof of concept.

Your temptation is to look to your ideas and say “Idea, are you good enough to give me the riches, fame, and accolades I desire?”

When really, your ideas should look to YOU and say “are you committed enough to see me through to my full power and potential? Are you willing to increase your faith in me to the point that we cannot help but succeed?”

So, where will you plant your flag?

What is the glimmer YOU will choose to flood with the power of your full belief and commitment?

All around you are ugly, misshapen, “diamond in the rough” projects with potential to change the world, should you have the faith to see them through.

So pick a peak and plant your flag.


Bryan Ward is the founder of Third Way Man and author of the LIT Black Paper

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