Free The Man (They Are Broken Without You)

You’ve been told your entire life that you are vile, perverted, dirty, foul, sick because you are a man.

And so, after the first shock in boyhood, you began what has become an endless project of masculine suppression:

Of measured words, softened voice, double-checks, preemptive apology, self doubt.

Well fuck that.

Because those who incriminated you, the ones who made you guilty by gender… who taught you to abhor yourself, to mistrust your core… who treated you like a broken animal in need of constant watch… who made you feel like you were at all times just one misstep away from exile…

…They were afraid! And their fear made them blind and cruel. Blind, cruel, and wrong.

The power, the dark forces that seek to rise within you… they are not your shame. They are your crown.

The world is not broken because of you. It is broken WITHOUT you.

Broken because too many men have taken themselves out of play… have dulled themselves until they lay blunted and useless upon the stage.

Hate, abuse, manipulation… these have no gender.

Women have no special exemption. Men have no special damnation.

So resolve no longer to suppress but to AMPLIFY your masculine nature.

Say the truth. Speak boldly. Laugh loud and raucous.

Be ungathered, unpredictable, unswayed.

Work, sweat, swim, shiver, crow.

Claim a singular vision for your life, and pursue that vision like the wolf that has caught the scent of blood.

The world doesn’t need another man suppressed.

Show them all the power and goodness of a man unashamed, striving, wild.

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