Death By Unisex

From a young age you’ve been taught that gender is a social construct, a set of learned behaviors one can put on and take off like a jacket.

And since feminist sentiment has decided that most conventional masculine behavior is distasteful, you’ve grown up with a more or less “gender-neutral” set of instructions for how to be in the world.

As a result, you and millions of other men have been walking on eggshells your entire life, expending insane amounts of emotional energy trying to live your life according to the one-size-fits-all unisex script you’ve been given.

It’s how you’ve been told you “have to be” as a man if you want to experience love, success and approval in today’s world.

And it’s utter BS.

Gender isn’t a social construct.

Hormonally, mentally, physiologically, emotionally, spiritually, men are different than women.

As a man, you are motivated, energized, discouraged, and amplified by distinctly different things than women, and experience the human condition in vastly different ways than women do.

When you try to “be a good boy” and live your life according to the unisex script they hand you, treating gender like an incidental detail, you handicap your life at a fundamental level.

You end up wasting energy fighting the off-script difference in your nature instead of embracing that difference and putting it to work in your life.

Instead of treating weight gain, low libido, low productivity, low confidence, and low wealth as separate problems, see them for what they typically are: hydra-headed symptoms of repressed masculinity.

When you abandon the unisex script charade and live out unbridled masculinity… when you permit yourself to live a life marked by social risk, entrepreneurial courage, creative recklessness, and relational boldness, these problems begin to disappear in tandem, because you are healing the root cause.

You are tapping into a primal power source, unleashing what I call the masculine-powered life.

And lest you think unleashed masculine power is a threat or setback to women, let me say this:

Women only fear masculine power when it is used for ill–when it’s used to manipulate, harm and supplant women.

But a bold, unencumbered man wielding his strength with love?

That is what women long for.

This is the paradox women find themselves in: women have the legislative and political means to control men to an extent never seen before in history, but the one thing they want most from men can only exist and be given in utter freedom.

Any attempt to command a man’s capacity and willingness to give love sends that capacity deep underground, where it will lie dormant until conditions are such that it can be given freely and without coercion of any kind.

Ironically, it is only when you throw out the feminist unisex script and become utterly masculine that you will have the freedom and agency to truly love a woman the way she wants and needs to be loved.

Bryan Ward is the founder of Third Way Man and author of the LIT Black Paper

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