Are You The Bitch Or The Boss?

There are two types of men: The boss, and the boss’s bitch.

In other words, you’re either holding the reigns of your own life, or you’re helping someone else hold theirs.

Most men, clearly, are the bitch.

They happily do the boss’s bidding in exchange for the rewards that come with that station.

Maybe you think the boss has it better.

Or maybe your money’s on the bitch.

But it’s not that simple.

Both the bitch AND the boss have their own price to pay.

For the bitch:

  • Stress tends to be low-grade and chronic (think numbness vs piercing)
  • Money tends to be small but relatively predictable
  • Primary demand is on the body, and only secondarily on the mind and soul
  • Problems faced tend to be low-level, mundane, and low risk/reward
  • Chief marital tensions tend to stem from insufficient money, low self esteem
  • Dominant residue tends to be boredom, sense of meaninglessness, self-loathing

For the boss:

  • Stress tends to be binary (think piercing vs numbness)
  • Money can be big but relatively unpredictable (especially early stage)
  • Primary demand is on the mind and soul, and only secondarily on the body
  • Problems faced tend to be complex, stimulating, and potentially catastrophic
  • Chief marital tensions tend to stem from feast/famine income, long hours at work, social discomfort
  • Dominant residue of chosen path tends to be outside-scrutiny, stress, complex responsibilities, self-doubt

As you can see, there is no skew here, no objective best choice.

In terms of what most men are willing to pay, the path of the bitch is the better choice, because the bitch’s mix of cost and benefit is more palatable to them.

But for those (you?) who want to be the boss but balk at the price, REMEMBER: you pay a price either way.

So if you want to be the master of your own life…

If you want to chart your own course in matters of TIME, MONEY, and ASSOCIATION…

…then make your choice, pay the price, and reap the return.

Remember, to NOT SEE that there is a choice to be made, is to default to bitch.

Don’t fall prey to the illusion that we have “evolved past” this age old fork.

Those in power bedazzle you with a matrix-like overlay of faux-freedoms… but when you look beneath, with eyes willing to see, it’s clear as day.

No matter how much you squint at it, the stark choice remains, as it always has and always will: boss, or bitch.

Which will you be?

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