3 Steps To Infinite Motivation

Here’s the quick and dirty on the fastest, simplest way to trigger a steady flood of inspiration and motivation in your life.

There are three things that must be present for inspiration to naturally flow to and through you:

1. The Ground

The Ground is the term I use to describe your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual capacity to do high level work.

Ground is fertile.

Ground provides stability.

Ground has gravity.

Without Ground, you are lost: floating through space, impotent.

Most men neglect Ground, focusing instead on glittering stars far overhead, never realizing the only way to reach those stars is by first building up the ground they will need to stand upon.

Ground is built by eating clean food, getting ample rest, exercising the body, stimulating the mind, and awarding yourself regular times of rest and reflection.

Ground is eroded by eating shitty food, neglecting your sleep, sedentary living, and frying your brain with always-on, pedal-to-the-medal living.

2. The Plan

Once you have built sufficient Ground, you will feel inside yourself a small spark flare up, and you will open yourself to dreaming again.

When that spark flares up, you must fan it into a small flame by choosing the choicest of those dreams, and then creating a map of how you will turn that one dream into reality.

It will be tempting to let go of this mapmaking in favor of simply enjoying the dreaming.

But you already know from having done that a hundred times before that the dream is fleeting, and that if you do not stay with the mapmaking, you will have nothing real and lasting when the dream fades away.

And so you will make a map that details who, what, when, why, and how your dream will become reality.

3. The Taste

Once you have your map, you must immediately find a way to give yourself a taste of what it will be like when the dream has been made real.

You cannot ask your mind and heart to run on the fumes of delayed gratification.

Unless you engineer regular, ongoing tastes of success… of results far in advance of the culmination, you will grow restless, disenchanted, and discouraged.

Forestalling the Taste is not a mark of strength, but of naivety.

You give yourself the Taste not out of weakness, but out of wisdom.

You know that without the Taste, you will abandon the dream long before it can be born.

If you’re feeling discouraged, uninspired, and unmotivated…

First, build your Ground:

a. Take a 40 minute map right away–within the hour
b. Commit to sleeping for 8 or 9 hours per night for the next 3 nights, starting tonight
c. Eat clean healthy food like cruciferous vegetables and grass fed meat and healthy fats for the next 3 days
d. Stop eating sugar, grains, and processed foods of any kind for the next 3 days
e. Go for a 20 minute walk or run within the hour
f. Commit to 20 minutes of daily exercise for the next 3 days, starting today

Then, tomorrow, after the Ground has been added to, conceive your Plan:

a. Determine where the profoundest intersect of impact, income and opportunity lies
b. Describe the desired outcome in specific, quantifiable terms
c. Give your plan a deadline
d. Sketch out the steps you will need to take, with deadlines for each step

Then, take your first Taste:

a. Ask yourself how you could execute your plan not in months or weeks, but in days or even hours: what act of courage would you need to take?
b. Ask yourself which features of your plan are unnecessary… then remove them
c. Find a way to practice your plan imperfectly now, so you can feel the fruit not someday, but this very hour
d. Learn to recognize and value the intrinsic satisfaction you glean from the work itself

That is the fastest way I know.

So if you feel something stirring…

If you are curious…

If you are desperate to feel inspired and motivated again–lit up from the inside…

Don’t just finish reading this and then go on to something else.

DO the things I’ve listed here.

Just because the people around you are safe and insipid doesn’t mean you should lower yourself to that standard.

The things you want to create are only born of fire.



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