GET LIT: Week 02

Welcome to Week 2 of the 6-week GET LIT Challenge!

Here are your assignments for the week, by category:

1. GET LIT Lesson

Watch the Overview video plus the Lesson video below (approx 10 minutes total), and post a proof pic/screenshot showing the end of the last video (3 points). Veterans just need to watch the Overview video to get the points, though watching the other videos could be a good refresher.



2. GET LIT Assignments

Assignment 1: Choose Your ONE THING (5 points)

Read pages 19-26 in the LIT Black Paper. Circle one of the short-listed high-juice projects from last week and make that your ONE THING anchor project.

Veterans: Simply revisit your chosen ONE THING to ensure it’s still your ONE THING, and make any modifications if needed, and post your proof pic.

Proof pic: upload a picture of your list from last week with a circle around the one you choose to your fire team channel.

Assignment 2: Convert Project Into Practice (5 points)

Decide what your micro-commitment will be for moving this ONE THING project forward and write it down. Minimum viable micro-commitment is something you can do for 10 minutes per day for a minimum of 5 days per week.

Proof pic: Upload a picture or screenshot of your micro-commitment to your fire team channel.

Assignment 3: Do The Work 5X this week (5 points per day for a max total of 25 points)

Do all five of your micro-commitments this week–one per day for 5 days. In other words, work on your ONE THING project for 10 minutes a day, five days a week this week. You get 5 points per day of work, for a max weekly total of 25 points.

Proof pics: upload a picture or screenshot EACH DAY FOR 5 DAYS that shows that you’ve done your daily micro-commitment to your fire team channel.


Make one bold move this week to move the needle of your health, wealth, or marriage, and substantiate by uploading a proof pic or video to your fire team channel (5 points). Click here for more details.


Your special ops assignment for this week is to complete ONE of the three special ops listed below, and to substantiate by uploading a proof pic or video to your fire team channel (3 points).

* Special Op #1: Run up 10 flights of stairs without stopping.

* Special Op #2: Arm wrestle with your child.

* Special Op #3: Upgrade a tool.


Join us Friday at 3 PM Central Time for our weekly Moot. Link will be posted in the GET LIT channel in Slack every Friday. (4 points for live attendance, 2 points for replay).

Quick Links:

LIT User Manual

LIT Scoring Tracker Template

50 BOLD User Manual

For LIT Support: Send a direct message in Slack to @Coach Anthony Johnson

Now go kick some ass, win some points, and put your fire team on the leaderboard.

See you on the Moot!

Anthony Johnson, 50 BOLD Coach
Third Way Man