Welcome to Week 2 of the 12-week GET SHIT DONE Challenge!

Here are your assignments for the week, by category:

1. Get Shit Done Lesson

Watch the Overview video below, and post a proof pic/screenshot showing the end of the video. (2 points)


2. Get Shit Done Assignments

Assignment 1: Establish your baseline (4 points)

For each of your 6 Dark Goals, describe where you are today in relation to that goal. Be sure to keep this handy somewhere because you’ll want to reference it again in Week 12.

Proof pic: Upload your description of your baseline to your fire team channel. It could be from a hand-written document, typed, video, or photo(s) showing your current situation, or a combination of any of those formats.

Assignment 2: Document your “why” for each Dark Goal (4 points)

Answer the following question for each of your Dark Goals: Why do I want to achieve this? The answer could be as simple or as detailed as needed for it to be inspiring to you. Be sure to keep this somewhere you could refer to it regularly.

Proof pic: Post about your “why” for each Dark Goal in your fire team channel. It could be from a hand-written document, typed, video, or photo(s), or a combination of any of those formats.

Assignment 3: Plan your week ahead (4 points)

Brainstorm a list of everything you want to accomplish this week. It can be items for the current week or next week (if you’re already deep into your current week). Just let the ideas flow out without filtering them. This will serve as a reference as you build your Daily Action Plans each day for the coming week.

Proof pic: Upload a photo or screenshot of your brainstormed list (written or typed) to your fire team channel.

Assignment 4: DAILY ACTION PLAN–At the start of each day for 5 days, write out the tasks you would like to accomplish that day. (4 points per day for a max total of 20 points)

For 5 days this week, start your day by writing out your Daily Action Plan, which for this week is simply a list of tasks you want to accomplish that day.  This is a small daily action that is going to grow and evolve over the next several weeks of this challenge. 

Veterans: Create your full-fledged Legend Page and Daily Action Plan for 5 days.

Proof pic: Upload a picture of your Daily Action Plan each day to your fire team channel. (An example of what that might look like is below.)

Assignment 5: Review your week (4 points)

At the end of the week, spend some time going back to think about your week.  What went well?  What could have gone better?  How are you feeling about your week? 

Proof pic: Post your Weekly Review to your fire team channel. Some suggestions for acceptable formats include: a photo of your hand-written page, a screenshot of your typed assessment, or a video.

Get Shit Done Lab (optional)

Watch the video below and complete the assignment. This assignment is optional and not scored. It is intended to help you experiment with some more advanced techniques to boost your productivity.

Get Shit Done Lab Video

Get Shit Done Lab Assignment: Try the Pomodoro Technique for a minimum of 2 hours during a workday

Use the Pomodoro Technique for one workday, completing at least 4 consecutive pomodoros.  Keep track using a physical timer, watch, timer/app on your phone or computer, or this website

Proof pic: Upload a photo or screenshot showing your log of completed pomodoros or the method you used to keep time, along with your thoughts about the experience to your fire team channel.


Make one Bold Move this week to move the needle in any one of the 6 pillars of your life (Health, Wealth, Relationship, Family, Work, Personal). It is strongly recommended (though not required) that you make a Bold Move that is directly related to one of your Dark Goals.

Proof pic: Upload a photo or video of your Bold Move to your fire team channel, and add your Bold Move for this week to your Dark Goal Tracker worksheet under the related Pillar. (5 points).

If you need more information about the concept of Bold Moves, refer to the 50 BOLD User Manual.


Your Special Ops assignment for this week is to complete ONE of the three Special Ops listed below, and to substantiate by uploading a proof pic or video to your fire team channel (3 points).

* Special Op #1: Fix, update, or replace your chariot (vehicle).

* Special Op #2: Do the fitness grader. If you missed it on the Moot, you can do it on your own here:

* Special Op #3: Ford a river, creek, or stream


Join us Friday at 3 PM Central Time for our weekly Moot. Zoom link and password will be posted in Slack each Friday.

Proof pic: Upload a photo or screenshot of the Moot to show you attended the live Moot or watched the replay (4 points).

Quick Links:

Get Shit Done User Manual

Get Shit Done Scoring Tracker Template

Get Shit Done FAQ

For Get Shit Done Support: Send a direct message in Slack to @Coach Anthony Johnson

For general Third Way Man or 50 BOLD support inquiries, please email

Now go GET SHIT DONE, win some points, and put your fire team on the leaderboard.

See you on the Moot!

Anthony Johnson, 50 BOLD Coach
Third Way Man