How To Crush Your Goals Again

If you're ready to unlock your inner ass-kicker, then I'm going to give you the exact step-by-step framework you need to follow.

It's embarrassingly simple… yet it has absolutely changed my life, as I know it will soon change yours.

Thanks to simple framework, I…

* Grew a client's company 10X from $20K to $200K per month in sales in 6 months

* Spent over $1M a month (profitably) on Google AdWords

* Wrote copy that brought in over $3.3M in sales

* Generated over $1.2M in affiliate commissions

* Sold over 240,000 books online via paid advertising

* Cofounded a health supplement company and helped grow it from $0 to $33M in annual sales in 5 years

(Celebrating the day Primal Health made the Inc. 500 list)

Most importantly, I was able to do it all while working roughly 6 hours a day (sometimes more, sometimes less).

My laziness and distractibility didn't go away… I just had a SYSTEM that channeled it properly.

Procrastinators like you and me can go from utter failure to WILD SUCCESS:

You just need the right framework to properly harness your madness

If you're tired of dabbling…

If you're tired of half-measures…

If you're sick of playing small-ball…

…then let me introduce you to THE solution to male procrastination… the simple, powerful framework for unstoppable execution (one that works even for hopeless procrastinators like me):

GET SHIT DONE is a powerful, 5-module video course that gives you my complete productivity system in step-by-step detail

You get it all delivered straight to you inbox: 5 lessons in 5 days.

This is raw, uncensored, unpolished material: no canned music intros, no fancy graphics, no green screens or scripted, sing-song narration: just you, me, and the powerpoint, giving you the goods one gem at a time.

In this online course, you'll learn…

* The 1 master habit the entire system depends on (I wouldn't be able to achieve a fraction of what I do each week without this quirky practice)

* The 3 minutes exercise that "unkinks the path" from point A to point B

* How to use "The Purge" to burn all the dross from your life so you can execute light as a feather

* Why "Dark Goals" are so important, and exactly how to harness their power

* The truth about whether your goals should be "realistic" or "big hairy audacious" (it's neither)

* Why I never set deadlines on goals but EXTREME deadlines on something else

* My "execution filter" that evaporates 90% of the busywork and noise before it even hits your desk

* The 3 things you MUST do each day to be a true butt-kicker (only one of them is directly related to productivity)

* Exactly how to create a "winnable game" for yourself

If you'd like to experience the power of this system in YOUR life…

If you're ready to step up to a HIGHER LEVEL OF OWNERSHIP…

If you want to be the man who FINISHES WHAT HE STARTS (and reaps the rewards that follow)…

Then this is the framework you've been waiting for.

It's the tried and proven execution system I've spent the last decade refining…

…the same GET SHIT DONE system I used to grow our fledgling startup from nothing to a $33M Inc. 500 company in 5 years.

In this 5-day Masterclass, you'll get…

Module 1: Dark Goals ($200 Value)

Learn why "Dark Goals" are THE foundation for effective execution in the modern-day world, plus my simple WATSOT method for extracting and harness their power…

Module 2: The Given ($300 Value)

Discover the secret to creating radical alignment between WHAT YOU WANT and WHO YOU ARE to "unkink the hose" and set the stage for low-drag execution…

Module 3: The Purge ($200 Value)

How to use "The Purge" to burn all the extraneous shit from your life so you can execute hot, clean, and light…

Module 4: The Frame ($300 Value)

Discover the 1 master habit the entire system depends on (I would't be able to achieve a fraction of what I do each week without this quirky practice)…

Module 5: Inspired Execution ($500 Value)

Discover exactly how to create a "winnable game" for yourself, so you can finally execute with the swagger and confidence you need to swing for the fences

Bonus Material ($1,000 Value)

I can't divulge details here. But I will say that these bonuses ALONE are worth the cost of the course.

Here's what the first round of students say…

The GET SHIT DONE Masterclass is officially closed, BUT…

The fact you read all the way here tells me you're TEACHABLE and HUNGRY FOR CHANGE.

I freaking LOVE THAT.

So even though this course is officially closed, I've gone ahead and re-opened it for you (fifteen minutes only).

What's more, I'm giving it to you for the same introductory pricing I offered on the very first launch: just $100.

(And yes, that is a ONE-TIME investment)

You Love It Or It's Free

Your investment in GSD is backed by a 90-day money-back guarantee:

If you follow the instruction I lay out for you in this 5-day Masterclass and don't see a 5X improvement in your productivity and execution…

OR if you don't like the material for any reason…

Just shoot us an email and we'll give you a prompt, courteous refund.

So if you're ready to begin this new, ass-kicking chapter of your life… STEP UP TO THE PLATE:

Invest in the GET SHIT DONE Masterclass now

Once the countdown timer ends, this page will automatically redirect to an "offer now closed" page, so if you want in, ACT NOW.


Bryan Ward, founder
Third Way Man


What's the course format?

The GET SHIT DONE Masterclass is a 5 part video course delivered by email. You get 5 lessons delivered over 5 days, one per day (and some killer bonus material that comes after that).

How long do I get access to the material?

For life.

Does this come with a money-back guarantee?

Absolutely. You have 3 months to decide if this is right for you. If you don't like it for any reason, just let us know within 90 days and we'll return your investment.

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