This Ends Money Fights TONIGHT

Here's the dead-simple method that eliminates overspending for couples… WITHOUT budgeting, ultimatums, or cutting up credit cards

Jeff felt bile rise in his throat as he stared at the credit card statement:

He thought this card was PAID OFF after the $4,005 payment he'd made last week.

But apparently, one of Claire's shopping sprees had put them right back in the hole.

Jeff took a deep breath, trying to find some compassion and empathy for his wife's chronic overspending…

…But all that came was a boiling rage and helplessness.

If you love your wife but feel HOPELESS about the overspending…

If you feel POWERLESS to change your money situation and FINALLY get ahead…

It's NOT Your Fault

You're not weak, controlling, or cruel… even if your money situation (and your wife's tears) make you feel that way.

You've been sold a PACK OF LIES when it comes to money and marriage… taught to handle spending in a way that FLIES IN THE FACE of human psychology.

That all changes with the secret I'm about to show you.

I'm going to give you a dead-simple system that puts your household spending under control… WITHOUT the shouting, ultimatums, or power plays most husbands resort to.

How I Discovered The Solution

Every Christmas, we watch the old Jimmy Stewart classic "It's A Wonderful Life."

It's family tradition from when I was a kid.

Well, one year, we got to the part where Mary (the main character's wife), holds up a big wad of cash and squeals "I feel like a bootlegger's wife!"

I'd seen that part dozens of times before, but this time, a lightbulb went off.

In that moment, I stumbled upon a powerful method I'd never heard discussed in ANY of the many finance books I'd read…

…a principle that sparked a radically different approach to handling money in marriage, ESPECIALLY when the husband's "the saver" and the wife's "the spender."

Here's Proof This Method Works

I could talk about how many thousands of dollars this simple system saves couples each month…

I could talk about how good it feels to no longer fight with your wife about money…

But before all that, I want you to think back to when your first child was still a baby.

Remember those times when your baby was upset and the ONLY thing that would calm him or her down was being swaddled (wrapped tightly in a blanket)?

Your wife is the same way.

You THINK she hates financial constraint and containment, but that's not it:

What she craves is the RIGHT STRUCTURE: a container for spending that is characterized by love and leadership (as opposed to command and control)…

…which is EXACTLY what the method I'm about to give you provides.

I'll share the details in a moment, but first, let me introduce myself.

I Am OBSESSED With Setting Men Free

My name is Bryan Ward. I'm a husband, a father of four, an Inc. 500 entrepreneur, and founder of Third Way Man.

Third Way Man is a global movement with a simple mission: free the man, free the world.

It's an empirical fact: when men are freed from the slavery of debt, disease, and despondency, EVERYONE wins: their wives, their children, their communities, and the world at large.

And after helping thousands of men around the world break free from burnout and low-productivity, we set our sights on the #1 shackle of all: financial slavery.

Introducing The BOOTLEGGER'S WIFE METHOD Mini-Course

The BOOTLEGGER'S WIFE METHOD gives you a simple, 5-step process that ends overspending and money fights for good… WITHOUT budgeting, ultimatums, or cutting up credit cards.

In this game-changing mini-course, you'll learn:

You get it all in the form of a video walkthrough, accessible within seconds of ordering.

Imagine: No More Money Fights

Take a big, deep sigh, right now.

Feel that warmth coming into your chest? The way you suddenly feel dizzy, giddy, expansive?

Now imagine that same feeling, but ten times stronger.

THAT'S how it feels when the money fights go away… when the sense of possibility and adventure and JOY come back into your life…

…the feeling we designed the BOOTLEGGER'S WIFE METHOD mini-course to give you.

That being said…

This Mini-Course Is NOT For Everyone


* Men who are single…
* Men who are disrespectful to their wives…
* Men who already "know it all"

On the other hand:

* If you're married…
* If you love your wife…
* If you're willing to follow a few simple instructions…

…then understand that you are EXACTLY who we created this for.

How Much Is Financial Unity Worth To You?

Couples financial counseling… personal finance workshops… online courses…

Why do they all cost so much (anywhere from hundreds to THOUSANDS of dollars)?

Because financial unity with your wife is PRICELESS.

So, although I know I could charge big bucks for this mini-course… that's not how we roll.

I'd rather give you an amazing value at an incredible price than try to extract "top dollar."

So if you take action RIGHT NOW, I'll give you the BOOTLEGGER'S WIFE METHOD mini-course today for just $47.

Price Increase Warning

At Third Way Man, we start ALL of our new offerings at the lowest possible price (the "floor" price), then test higher prices from there until we find the sweet spot.

For BOOTLEGGER'S WIFE METHOD… $47 is that floor.

If you bookmark this page and come back later… there's a very good chance the price will be higher.

So if you want this life-changing mini-course, make your buy decision NOW, without putting it off.

You Love It Or It's Free

To make your decision even easier, I'm also backing your investment with a 90-day money back guarantee.

Here's how it works.

Enter your payment info on the next page, access the mini-course member area, and go through the material.

If you don't like the mini-course for ANY reason, just send my support team an email within 90 days of purchase and we'll immediately issue you a prompt and courteous refund.

In other words, you have absolutely no risk whatsoever when you test-drive this mini-course.

So if you're ready to save hundreds or even THOUSANDS of dollars each month…

If you're ready to kiss your money fights goodbye…

If you're ready to be CAPTAIN OF YOUR SHIP again…


Get the BOOTLEGGER'S WIFE METHOD mini-course for just $47

To your freedom,

Bryan Ward, founder
Third Way Man

P.S. If you scanned through, here's the TLDR version:

Who We Are: We are a movement hell-bent on liberating men and their families.

What We Have For You: Our newest offering is BOOTLEGGER'S WIFE METHOD: a simple 5-step system that ends money fights with your wife TONIGHT.

How To Get It: If you want to try out this game-changing system for the lowest possible price (we normally sell these sorts of products for $100 or more), grab your copy now for just $47.

I'm ready - let's roll