Body Of A Warrior Fasting Protocol And Guidelines

The most simple form of dietary intervention is to simply not eat.

Since intentional fasting is compliant in the Body Of A Warrior program, one can take full points for skipped meals. As is usually the case, those skipped meals may be batched into one or two meals as long as they are notated. This does not mean forgetting to eat, but simply planning the skipped meal in order to increase the fasting window.

When counting fasting meals for points, you must post a picture of an empty plate or compliant non-caloric beverage.

Fasting/intermittent fasting should be done as a group, i.e., within your fire team in order to share the experience and misery. This is also a good form of support and cohesion within the tribe.

Although it is simple, there are some guidelines and cautions to be aware of.

Proper hydration during fasts should not be limited to plain water. I recommend adding a reasonable amount of natural salt or some form of natural electrolytes to your water.

Disclaimer: The Warrior workouts and eating plan/fasting protocols are not intended to override or supersede the advice of your doctor. If you have type 1 diabetes or any other diet-sensitive health condition, consult your doctor before beginning the Body Of A Warrior program.

Intermittent fasting (IF) is not a diet but a pattern of eating where you:

  • Abstain from eating for periods of time.
  • Eat during a specific window of time.
  • Only drink non-caloric beverages during fasting.
  • You don’t necessarily eat less, you eat less often.
  • Since modern food has become so easy to obtain, we have lost the ability to recognize how powerful fasting can be just for general health.
  • Continuous access to food prevents the body from undergoing repair and rejuvenation processes.
  • Our ancestors were forced to fast during times of hardship.
  • The oldest dietary intervention in the world.

Some Benefits of IF

• Power
• Detoxifies
• Stabilize blood sugar
• Insulin levels lower
• Less time spent worrying about food
• Gut and immune system get a chance to rest
• Mental clarity
• Metabolic rate increases
• The alternative fuel source (ketones)are produced
• Damaged cells are cleared out (autophagy, apoptosis) • Human Growth Hormone increases


Pitfalls and contraindications

  • Children under 18 should not fast for extended periods.
  • Renal disease or adrenal issues.
  • Diabetics need medical supervision.
  • Those that have porphyria
  • Athletes that require glucose for aerobic fast twitch muscle fibers sprinters, olympic weightlifters.
  • Hard-gainers, older athletes and those trying to gain muscle.
  • Under weight, malnutrition or eating disorders
  • Pregnant women, nursing moms

For Athletes

• Workout in a fasted state for fat burning
• Replenish post workout with quality protein • More protein required on workout days
• If low on energy, increase the fat intake


There are many schedules that can be used. You have to figure out what works best for you as an individual.

Experiment to find what works best for you.

16 hours is the most popular and sustainable for most. Night time and while sleeping is the most natural time for fasting.

Fasting, especially when going beyond 24 hours is a big stressor to the body and the cortisol machine is going into overdrive. Fasting is a tool to overcome metabolic disorders and reset the digestive system. I don’t recommend long term fasting as a lifetime activity, but in strategic doses. Short term fasting works wonders too, such as overnight, i.e. 12-16 hours. Also make sure and stay salted/electrolyted and not drink too much straight water. I don’t believe long term fasting works well with high intensity fitness activities like weight lifting either. It can also retard muscular growth. Just some things to be aware of. 

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Experiment often, and share your best discoveries with your Body Of A Warrior brothers in your fire team and in the fireside channel so ALL can benefit!

Let’s make tomorrow different!

Steven Ashton, Body Of A Warrior Coach
 Third Way Man