GET SHIT DONE: Winter 2024, Week 05 (Jan 29-Feb 4)

Please watch this Overview video:

Here are your assignments for the week, by category:

Declare a Next Bold Move for the week (5 points)

Decide on at least one Next Bold Move (NBM) that you will work to accomplish this week, and declare it to your fire team. It is recommended you make this declaration as early in the week as possible (Monday is best). NBM’s do not necessarily need to be directly related to your Dark Goals, but it is strongly recommended that they are, since that is how you will make the most progress. Your NBM’s should also be written on your Legend Pages and carried forward each day of the week until they are either completed or abandoned (if circumstances change). You could also use your Dark Goal Tracker spreadsheet to help you with your NBM planning.

Proof pic: Post about at least one NBM you will pursue this week in your fire team channel. 

Write your Legend Page and Daily Action Plan each day for 5 days (1 point per day for a max total of 5 points)

For 5 days this week, write out your Legend Page and Daily Action Plan. You can do it either in the morning or the night before. As always, your Legend Page and Daily Action Plan should include your Dark Goals, Daily Affirmation, Gratitude, Next Bold Moves (NBM’s), Core, and FTA. 

Proof pic: Upload a picture of your Legend Page / Daily Action Plan each morning to your fire team channel. 

GSD Accelerator: 30-Day Challenge (1 point per day for a max total of 5 points)

Take the daily actions needed to fulfill this week’s portion of your personal 30-day challenge. If the challenge is not working for you, use this week to reflect on it and think about modifying it or trying something else.

Proof pic: Post proof pics every day for at least 5 days showing the daily actions you are taking. You will get 1 point per day for a max total of 5 points.

Do your Ground activity for the week (5 points)

Complete your Ground activity for the week. 

Proof pic: Upload a pic showing your Ground activity to your fire team channel.

Bold Move (15 Points)

Make one Bold Move this week to move the needle in any one of the 6 pillars of your life (Health, Wealth, Relationship, Family, Work, Personal). The Bold Move(s) you make does not necessarily have to be the one you declared as your NBM earlier in the week, although that is usually ideal. It is strongly recommended (though not required) that you make a Bold Move that is directly related to one of your Dark Goals.

Proof pic: Upload a photo or video of your Bold Move to your fire team channel, AND add your Bold Move for this week to your Dark Goal Tracker worksheet under the related Pillar. (15 points)

If you need more information about the concept of Bold Moves, refer to the 50 BOLD User Manual.

Special Ops (5 points)

Your Special Ops assignment for this week is to complete ONE of the three Special Ops listed below, and to substantiate by uploading a proof pic or video to your fire team channel. (5 points)

* Special Op #1: Climb a coniferous tree.

* Special Op #2: Dam a river.

* Special Op #3: Cook some meat on a spit or grill.

Review your week (5 points)

At the end of the week, answer the following 2 questions:

  1. How well did I execute my NBM’s? 
  2. How effective were those NBM’s at achieving my goals? 

Proof pic: Post your Weekly Review to your fire team channel. Some suggestions for acceptable formats include: a photo of your hand-written page, a screenshot of your typed assessment, or a video.

MOOT (5 points)

Join us Friday at 3 PM Central Time for our weekly Moot. Zoom link and password will be posted in Slack each Friday.

Proof pic: Upload a photo or screenshot of the Moot. (5 points for live or replay)

Recommended GSD Lesson: The Purge

The below Lesson video and the Assignments that follow are strongly recommended for this week. (optional, not scored)

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

Recommended GSD Assignments

Assignment 1: Reassess your Shit to Purge candidates

Review your list of shit to purge you created previously. If there are any items you’ve tried to purge but have been unsuccessful thus far add them to a new list. If any additional Shit to Purge candidates have crept into your life, add them to that new list. If you’re having trouble coming up with additional ideas for Shit to Purge, you may want to check out the optional GSD Lab assignment further down this page for ideas.

Proof pic: Upload a picture or screenshot of Shit to Purge candidates to your fire team channel.

Assignment 2: Finalize your list of Shit to Purge

Re-score you list of Shit to Purge, including your starred items and any new items you’ve added. For each candidate you wrote down from your Shit to Purge exercise, ask yourself “Does this STOKE or STAMP OUT my fire?”  Score each candidate on a negative scale of 0 to -5.  Identify 3-5 items with the lowest scores–this is your finalized new list of Shit to Purge.

Proof pic: Upload a picture or screenshot of your finalized list of Shit to Purge to your fire team channel.

Assignment 3: Take Bridge-Burning Actions

For each item on your new list of Shit to Purge, take a “bridge burning action” to purge that shit from your life. If you truly don’t have any more Shit to Purge (which is unlikely), post a summary to your fire team explaining how you purged your shit and improved the scores on your chosen items.

Proof pic: Upload a proof picture showing one of your bridge-burning actions to your fire team channel.

GSD Lab (optional)

This below lesson is a recommended supplement to this week’s lesson. Watch the video below and complete the assignment. This assignment is optional and not scored. It is intended to help you experiment with some more advanced techniques to boost your productivity. You can find additional GSD Lab assignments in the GSD Lab Library.

GSD Lab Video

GSD Lab Assignment: Purge a daily decision

List out all of your decision points throughout a typical day, from the time you wake up to the time you go to bed. Then identify a decision you can purge, and take action to simplify (purge) that decision.

Proof pic: Upload a photo showing the action you took to your fire team channel.

Quick Links:

GSD User Manual

GSD Lifestyle Scoring Tracker Template

50 BOLD User Manual


GSD Lab Library

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